Section 04

Homework February 13, 2018

  1. Post 2 potential research questions to the discussion board on by Wednesday February 14th at midnight.
  2. Read “Gathering Information”
  3. Thursday February 15th – Attend library session during our regularly scheduled class time on Thursday.  Attendance will be taken. Bring this sheet to both your library session and research session Potential Research Topic 1.  Begin filling it out as you research.
  4. Tuesday Feb 20th – No regularly scheduled class.  Research and find solid academic sources for your research topics.  Determine which one of your three topics has the best sources and strongest possibility for a research project.
  5. Thursday February 22nd – Computer lab session 10:00-11am- Bilgi İşlem Merkezi Lab 2. Campus Map
    1. You will begin to write a tentative research proposal on your strongest research topic due February 25th at midnight on  Tentative Research Proposal
    2. Samples of research proposals: Sample 1 – Research_Proposal  Sample 2 – Research Proposal
  6. Come to class February 27th having read “The Art of Summarizing” and “Truth Lies and Method:  Revisiting Feminist Historiography”

Homework February 8, 2018

  1. Write paraphrase of opening section of Williams “Speculation”.  Upload to by Saturday at midnight.
  1. Citation information:   Robert C. Williams, “Speculation,” in The Historian’s Toolbox; A Student’s Guide to the Theory and Craft of History (London, 2003): 130-135.
  1. Read handout on “Brainstorming” for class on Tuesday.  Choose a style of brainstorming for your potential research topic and begin a brainstorm.  Bring it to class on Tuesday.
  2. Read “Thesis and Topic Sentences” for class on Tuesday.  Week 2
  3. Read “Deconstructing History” Week 1

February 6, 2018

  1. Create login for this class
    Class ID:  17405795
    Enrollment Key: 12345

2. Actively read and annotate Williams “Speculation”.  Come to class prepared to discuss it and paraphrase it.

4. Edit your in-class writing using the grammar section, in your course packet, or by using the following link:  Grammar Review  Bring your final version to class on Thursday.

3.  Begin thinking about potential topics (research questions) for your research paper.  You will need to have 3 main topics and 5 subtopics for each topic by February 22nd.