Section 03

Student ID Essay 2 10% Presentation 5% Research Paper 2nd Draft 15% Final Grade Final Average
2016209048 85 90 95 86.04358974 BA
2014209099 85 0 50 60.85512821 DD
2012209141 0 0 4.102564103 FF
2016209081 90 90 95 89.64358974 AA
2016209006 85 90 74 86.25 BA
2016209132 95 90 95 93.34358974 AA
2015209048 80 85 85 86.55 BA
2017209195 95 85 95 89.5 AA
2015209078 85 80 75 82.24358974 BB
2016209057 90 90 77 85.3 BA
2013209138 0 90 46.94230769 FF
2012209045 80 84 70 78.85512821 CB

Homework April 28, 2018

  1. Step away from your research paper.  Don’t look at it and don’t think about it for a few days.
  2. Go back and look at your older essays from last semester and earlier this semester.  Think about what you have learned about the writing process and how you have grown as a writer.  Your Essay 2 will be a self assessment of your writing and how you have grown and changed.  Begin gathering evidence of your own growth and change.
  3. Schedule an appoinment to discuss your research paper with me next week.

Homework April 24, 2018

  1. Review CMS formated Paper and adjust your first draft to ensure proper formatting.  Format counts!!
  2. Create a reverse outline
    1. Reverse Outline 
    2. Review the outline and the organization/structure of your essay.  Determine what changes you should make to create a stronger Draft 1 and revise your essay.
  3.  You may turn in the reverse outline in order to replace your original outline grade if you chose to do so.  This should be uploaded before Wednesday at midnight.
  4. Upload Draft 1 of your Research Paper on by Wednesday at midnight.  Good Luck!!!
  5. Bring your pre-draft (the draft you used to create your reverse outline with numbers and notes) and a copy of your uploaded Draft 1 to class on Thursday.
  6. Read:  Rampolla “Revising for content and organization” Week 12
  7. Rampolla “Editing for Style and Grammar”

Homework April 12, 2018

  1. Review/print the research paper prompt.  Enjoy the break and write a little and review a little every day.  With all of the preparation already completed (for the most part) this part of the process should be enjoyable and give you some time to really think about what you are communicating in your writing.

Research Paper Prompt

Draft 1 of research paper – Due in-class for peer review Tuesday April 24th

Draft 1 of research paper – Due on Wednesday April 25th at midnight.


****Make-up class will be held May 5th.  This session will include our in-class writing of Essay II.

Homework April 10, 2018

  1. Be prepared to present on Thursday if you have not already done so
  2. Review/print the research paper prompt

Research Paper Prompt

3. Continue reading Glenn “Defining Silence” for discussion in class on Thursday.

Homework:  April 5, 2018

  1. CMS formated Annotated Bibliography is due on tonight at midnight
  2. Essay 1 – Draft 2 due on Friday by midnight.
  3. Research Paper Outline is due on Sunday by midnight
  4. Presentation of research process:  Presentation On Presenting
    1. Presentations will begin on Tuesday of next week:
      1. 11:00 – Alper
      2. 11:10 – Akarsu
      3. 11:20 – Musa
      4. 11:30 – Efe
      5. 11:40 – Kevser Rabia
      6. 11:50 – Simge
      7. 12:00 – Ayşenur
    2. Fill in – Presentations Tuesday (be prepare to present in case of absence)
      1. Ibrahim Erkin
      2. Mustafa
      3. Niame Fulya
  5. Continue reading Cheryl Glenn’s Defining Silence.  We will discuss in-class on Thursday.

Homework:  April 3, 2018


  1.  on Thursday April 5 at midnight.  Continue to organize and read your sources.
  2. Revise Essay 1 based on feedback.  Be sure to set up an appointment if you need any clarification of feedback.   The feedback is a baseline for revision.  Be sure to go beyond the feedback to improve the organization and wording of your essay.  Revised essay due Friday April 6th at midnight.
  3. Begin your Research Paper Outline.  This outline should be written in detail with full sentences.  The level of detail and clarification in the outline will determine the ease of your first draft writing.  Give deep thought to your main claims, evidence, counter-argument and organization/presentation.
  4. Begin reading/annotating Cheryl Glenn’s “Defining Silence” in Week 5 – have pages 1-7 read/annotated by Thursday’s class.  You should also find a primary source image/visual that communicates with silence in some way.

Homework:  March 29, 2018

  1. Upload your film on Denial to by tonight at midnight.  Be sure you have incorporated some of Lipstadt’s writing (Canaries in the Mine or The Leuchter Report) or another source as a supplement to the film.
  2. Work on your research paper proposal.  This is due Sunday April 1 at midnight.  I will be in my office on Friday, so please make an appointment if you have any issues to discuss prior to the weekend.
  3. Your Annotated Bibliography – is due on April 5th.  We will discuss examples in greater detail on Tuesday, but you should have solid sources you are planning on using for your research paper.

Homework:  March 27, 2018

– Prepare your Essay 1 on the film Denial

  • Be sure to start your introduction generally and then focus in on what you believe the filmmaker was trying to accomplish in this piece — What was the film’s thesis statement?  This will be YOUR thesis statement.
  • Your paragraphs should support this thesis statement with specific examples/evidence from the film (specific characters, , focal points,  locations, details – to prove how the filmmaker is attempting to convey his point.   You can also analyze what worked well and what did not. Each paragraph should focus on ONE topic.
  • We will meet in BİM Computer lab at our regularly scheduled class time to continue to work on your essay and other assignments.

Homework:  March 22, 2018

  • Review the questions in your film analysis packet
  • Brainstorm your thesis statement and outline for the film analysis essay.  Bring them to class on Tuesday prepared to discuss. – Essay will be due Thursday – March 29th
  • Begin working on your final proposal – Due April 1    Research Proposal – Final
  • Begin working on your Annotated Bibliography – Due April 5    Annotated Bibliography.rtf (1)

Homework:  March 15, 2018

  • Upload Synthesis Exercise to by Friday March 16th at midnight.
  • Read – “Writing about Film”
  • Bring your filled out Secondary Source Evaluation Sheet to your class meetings on Monday/Tuesday.

Homework:  March 13, 2018

  1.  Come to class prepared to discuss the impact of “Euphemisms of Death” and the replacement words.
  2. Read Week 6: “Libraries Real and Virtual”
  3. Read: Evaluating Sources
  4. Your revised draft of your Synthesis will be due on Friday March 16th.  Continue to improve your writing on your own.  Your peer feedback and my feedback will be returned on Thursday.

Homework:  March 8, 2018

  1. Send me the video of your group’s presentation at your earliest convenience.
  2. Continue to work on synthesizing the readings by Glenn and Lipstadt.
  3. Review page 3 of Week 5: Writing a Synthesis Essay.
  4. Create an outline for your synthesis essay, including quotations (with citation information) and transitions.
  5. You should focus on convergences before divergences (similarities before differences)
  6. Write your synthesis essay using appropriate transitions.  Remember to guide the reader using you “camera” by using lateral movements (parallels) smoothly (using transitions)  between the works, and zooming your lens deeper in focus as you write your synthesis.  Bring to class March 13 to work on peer review.

To explain quotes use these transitions:

  • that is to say
  • in other words
  • to explain
  • i.e., (that is)
  • to clarify
  • to rephrase it
  • to put it another way

To Contrast points:

  • that is to say
  • in other words
  • to explain
  • i.e., (that is)
  • to clarify
  • to rephrase it
  • to put it another way
  • however
  • though
  • otherwise
  • on the contrary
  • in contrast
  • notwithstanding
  • on the other hand
  • at the same time

Compariston Transitions:

  • in the same way
  • by the same token
  • similarly
  • in like manner
  • likewise
  • in similar fashion

Homework:  March 3, 2018

  1. Brainstorm on points of comparison and contrast between the Lipstadt and Glenn readings.
  2. Find quotes to support those points and brainstorm transition words to connect these points.
  3. Come to class prepared to work as a group on synthesizing these sources.  This will be the foundation for your next graded assignment, so be sure you have done the  work.
  4. Read “Writing Clear and Coherent Paragraphs” Located in the Course Reader:  Week 5 just after Cheryl Glen’s “Defining Silence”

Homework:  March 1, 2018

  1. Final Draft of Summary due on by Sunday March 4th at midnight.
  2. Bring peer review/first draft/vocabulary list/short paragraph on summaries to class on Tuesday.
  3. Read: “Canaries in the Mine” pp 15-29
  4. Read: “Synthesizing Sources”

Homework February 27, 2018

  1. Write Draft 1 Summary: on Cheryl Glenn’s “Truth, Lies, and Method:  Revisiting Feminist Historiography”.  Bring 2 copies to class on Thursday March 1st for peer review.  Your final draft will be due on Sunday March 4th at midnight on
  2. Read:  Deborah Lipstadt “Canaries in the Mine” pp 1-15.

Summary Assignment Sheet:  Click Here

Homework February 13, 2018

  1. Post 2 potential research questions to the discussion board on by Wednesday at midnight.
  2. Read “Gathering Information”
  3. Thursday February 15th – Attend library session during our regularly scheduled class time on Thursday.  Attendance will be taken. Bring this sheet to both your library session and research session Potential Research Topic 1
  4. Tuesday Feb 20th – No regularly scheduled class.  Research and find solid academic sources for your research topics.  Determine which one of your three topics has the best sources and strongest possibility for a research project
  5. Thursday February 22nd – Computer lab session 12-2pm- Bilgi İşlem Merkezi Lab number 2Campus Map
    1. You will begin to write a tentative research proposal due February 25th at midnight on  Tentative Research Proposal
    2. Samples of research proposals: Sample 1 – Research_Proposal   Sample 2 – Research Proposal
  6. Come to class February 27th having read “The Art of Summarizing” and “Truth Lies and Method:  Revisiting Feminist Historiography”


Homework February 8, 2018

  1. Write paraphrase of opening section of Williams “Speculation”.  Upload to by Saturday at midnight.
  2. Citation information:   Robert C. Williams, “Speculation,” in The Historian’s Toolbox; A Student’s Guide to the Theory and Craft of History (London, 2003): 130-135.
  3. Continue creating a “Brainstorm” for your research topics.
  4. Read “Thesis and Topic Sentences” for class on Tuesday.  Week 2
  5. Read “Deconstructing History” Week 1

Homework February 6, 2018

  1.  Create your account for this class

Class ID: 17405827

Enrollment Key: 12345

2. Carefully read and annotate Williams “Speculation”.    Be prepared to discuss it and work on a paraphrase in-class on Thursday.

3.  Get your course packet from Hisari photocopy.

4. Edit your in-class writing using the grammar section or the following link:  Grammar Review  Bring your final version to class on Thursday.

5. Begin thinking about potential topics (research questions) for your research paper.  You will need to have 3 main topics and 5 subtopics for each topic by February 22nd.